Kayak Trails


Waiuku-Manukau Wai-manu Trail Beginning at the Tamakai Reserve in the historic town of Waiuku on the Manukau Harbour, this short Kayak Trail (43km, plus side trips) can be accomplished, one way, in two or three days by a casual paddler. A tide dependent but mainly sheltered waters paddle with easy access all of the trip to numerous safe landings, most of which have Council sponsored and maintained toilets.
Waiuku-Manukau WEKA - Waiuku Estuary Kayak Adventure Beginning in the tidal estuary of historic Waiuku, at the same place as the Wai-manu Kayak Trail, kayak to the Waitangi Falls (2.5km), have a picnic lunch, jump off the falls with the local kids, then leisurely kayak back via the Waiuku Sandspit beach.

Waikato River and Delta Kayak Trips
Manukau Harbour Kayak Trips

The Waikato River is New Zealand's longest at 425km. It begins on Mt Tongariro in the heart of the North Island Tongariro National Park, passes through Lake Taupo, over Huka Falls and on through the eight man-made hydro lakes, that supply power to Auckland and the North Island. Passing through the many islands of the Waikato River Delta it enters the Tasman Sea at Port Waikato just south of Auckland City. Before the advent of Pakeha military roads in the mid 1800's, foot trails and water ways were the only means of travel through the heart of New Zealands horseless islands

TePaeOKaiwaka Te Pae o Kaiwaka and Waimanu Trails This up to six day (142km) scenic kayak trip on the Waikato River (142km), and the Manukau Harbour follows the path of the Maori food (kai) waka (canoes) that made their way from the Waikato and central North Island to portage across to the Manukau Harbour, and further north, long before the Pakeha (Europeans) found and settled in New Zealand.